Why People Love APPLE  Z

Sporting a full time roster of seasoned music veterans from every genre and a wide range of optional, exceptional talent, APPLE  Z spits fire and inspires people all over California and abroad with unique and clever treatments for the timeless catalog of popular music everyone knows and loves. APPLE Z is a band with vast performance experience in all types of venues and has performed for top corporations as Google, GT Nexus and Playstation.

  • Scott Rodell

    Guitar & Lead Vocals

    Educated at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood Ca. Scott has produced music for four time Emmy award winning producer/cinematographer Todd Stanley of Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch. Performing live for years with styles ranging from funk, rock, string band, bluegrass and R&B, has been key to Scott’s musical pallet with his personal style.

  • Steve Leonard

    Guitar & Vocals

    Steve Leonard has made music his career since 1987. Having gained vast knowledge of all aspects of music from personal experience, A multi-instrumentalist by accident, Steve has become an extremely ‘in demand’ studio collaborator and live performer. While Steve is sometimes introduced as a ‘singer songwriter’, he also feels quite at ease behind a mixing console or nearly any kind of Digital Audio Workstation. Steve has performed all over Northern California with MANY different artists and still can be found impressing his audiences with his vibrant and eclectic guitar work.

  • John Kurimai


    Berkley College of Music Graduate, Boston Mass. John has in many ways sought to higher his musical education. Comfortable in performing many styles of music due to his diverse background and formal
    education. John is a seasoned performer.