The Band


Sporting a roster of seasoned musical veterans from every genre yet known, Apple Z is making friends and influencing people all over California and beyond with unique and clever treatments for the timeless catalog of popular music everyone knows and loves. Apple Z is a shiny new band with vast performance experience in all types of venues and formats due to the members many diverse musical projects. Casino gigs, club gigs, private parties, special events and weddings are all places Apple Z feels right at home. The band puts a strong emphasis on professionalism and making sure your event is smooth sailing from stem to stern. On-time sound checks, easygoing attitudes, and reliable equipment are hallmarks of an Apple Z show.


Scott Rodell – Guitar & Lead Vocals

Educated at the world famous Musicians Institute in Hollywood Ca. Scott has been using his musical abilities to write, record and produce music for independent artists as well as for television and film companies. Scott has produced music for two time Emmy award winning producer/cinematographer Todd Stanley of Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch. Performing in various bands over the years with styles ranging from funk, rock, string band, bluegrass and R&B, has been key to Scott’s musical pallet with his personal style.




Bradley Jon Sanders – Drums

Bradley Jon Sanders began his lifelong passion for drumming at the age of 4, and hasn’t looked back since. Being a drummer with an affinity for rock, funk, and fusion, Sanders has developed a career as an in demand live and studio musician, working on such films as Bustin’ Down The Door (Screen Media Films), July Moon (Tranquility Pictures), and the television series Experience El Dorado for ABC. He has taught privately for the past 15 years, both here in the Northern California area and on the East Coast in Orlando, Florida.




Steve Leonard – Guitar / Vocals
Steve Leonard has made music his career since 1987. Having gained vast knowledge of all aspects of music from personal experience, Steve now imparts his unique wisdom to his many students. A multi-instrumentalist by accident, Steve has become an extremely ‘in demand’ studio collaborator and live performer. He often lends his innovative compositional skills to multimedia projects form far outside his musical origins and has been involved in international media campaigns for several years. While Steve is sometimes introduced as a ‘singer songwriter’, he also feels quite at ease behind a mixing console or nearly any kind of Digital Audio Workstation. No stranger to the stage, Steve has performed all over Northern California with MANY different artists and still can be found impressing his audiences with his vibrant and eclectic guitar work.



Brandon Lawrence – Bass / DJ

Brandon Lawrence has been a huge part of the Sacramento music scene since 1999. Playing original music with the area’s largest bands, bringing his love of all styles of music, from rock to electronica to salsa and jazz. He has also worked with numerous hip hop artists on beat production in the studio as well as joining them live on stage. Whether he is playing bass or spinning turntables, Brandon always feels right at home and happy.

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